How do You get Diabetes Type 2?

How do You get Diabetes Type 2?

How do You get Diabetes is something I always wanted to know. I learned from my grandparents that diabetes cannot be cured. They were type 2 diabetic.

They used to tell me that once you get diabetes, you have to be on a strict diet and medication for the rest of your life.

Then the question sprung in my head ‘ What if I avoid diabetes?’. But, to keep myself safe from ever being a diabetic, first I had to know How do you get diabetes.

I am trying to publish all my findings here. Please note that I am not a doctor or a medical professional. All data I publish on this website is just for information. You are responsible to contact your doctor for any of your health issues.

So, how does one get diabetes?

One may get diabetes due to one or more of a variety of reasons.

Most people get diabetes type 2 over 40 years of age. So if you are over 40, you may be more susceptible to get diabetes type 2.

It may also depend on your ethnicity. For example, for south Asian people, the risk of diabetes starts as early as 25 years of age. Different ethnic groups have different risk age for diabetes type2.

In general, the risk of diabetes type 2 increases with age. So the older you are the more risk you are at in getting diabetes type 2.

A reason for this may be that people gain weight as they age.

This gives us the thought that we must try our best to keep our weight in control as we age. This helps us in not getting diabetes. You need to keep your body weight low even if you do not show signs of being diabetic.

Better be safe than sorry as you now know how do you get type 2 diabetes.
"How do You get Diabetes with age

Another reason why people are more susceptible to diabetes type 2 as they grow older is that people generally tend to gain weight and exercise less.

And How is Diabetes caused? Exactly for these poor life style reasons and some hereditary factors.

Experts say eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy body weight are the best precautions to prevent diabetes.

However now a days, very young people are seen getting diabetes type 2.

Do you have a  child! Do children get Diabetes? In some cases, diabetes type 2 has been noticed even in children under 10 years of age. It is very complicated how is diabetes caused.


How do You get Diabetes GeneticsDoctors say that diabetes type 2 is linked by genes.

This means if you have a close relative who has diabetes type 2, you too are likely to get diabetes type 2 too.

And the closer the relative to you, the higher will be your risk of getting diabetes type 2.

This also means that a child whose parent has diabetes type2 is also at higher risk of getting diabetes type 2. So, how do people get diabetes? Genetic it is.

Body Weight

How do You get Diabetes Body WeightHow do You get Diabetes when you gain weight?

Generally people with excess body weight get diabetes type2 easily than others.

A BMI ( Body Mass Index ) of 30 or more puts one at higher risk of getting diabetes type 2.

Thus you are at higher risk of getting diabetes if you have a high BMI.

How do You get Diabetes with belly fat?

If you have excess body weight around your belly, you are more likely to get diabetes type 2.

Why? Belly fat disturbs cardiovascular and metabolic functions.

This puts you at higher risk of diabetes and more serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

One of the ways to determine diabetes risk is to measure waist and find out abdominal obesity.

The more the belly measures, more is the diabetes risk.

So if you have a big belly, you are at higher risk of getting diabetes.

So next time you think how do people get diabetes, think of body weight and obesity.

People who do regular exercise can reduce body weight and also cut down the risk of diabetes.

People who do not exercise well are also at higher risk of diabetes.


How do You get Diabetes EthnicityIs ethnicity an answer to How do You get Diabetes?

If you are one of the ethnic groups that belong to high risk groups for diabetes type2, you are more likely to get diabetes type2.

These ethnic groups are south Asian, Chinese, African-Caribbean or  African origin.

People from these ethnic backgrounds are more likely to get diabetes type 2 at a younger age than others.

So how do you get diabetes? May be from your ethnicity.

Other risk factors

How do You get Diabetes if you do not fall into the above risk factors?

Pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes are other risk factors for diabetes type 2.

To be precise, Pre-diabetes is the condition when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not so high to diagnose as a diabetic. Pre-diabetes can lead to diabetes if you do not take preventive steps.

The steps like changes in life style like eating balanced diet, exercising and losing weight help prevent diabetes.

Also, women who get diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing diabetes type 2 if not careful.

This means if you ask How do You get Diabetes? it could be with pregnancy too! Diabetes in a woman when pregnant is called gestational diabetes.

Is diabetes curable?

If you ask doctors or pharmacists How do You get Diabetes? they say what causes diabetes is obesity, life style and genetic reasons etc.

If you ask them Is diabetes curable? Normally. they say no but you can easily manage it.

However, there are some arguments that diabetes is curable though scientifically not established.

If you wonder have i got diabetes, you must see a doctor to get checked and learn more on How do you get diabetes?

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Signs of being Diabetic

Signs of being Diabetic


Signs of being Diabetic are very important to pay attention to and seek medical advice early.

Diabetes is such a condition, the sooner you identify the better yo can manage.

Early diagnosis of diabetes based on signs of being diabetic, will make it easier to manage diabetes.

Also if you notice signs of being diabetic, and report to doctors, they would find it easier to prevent damage to other parts of the body like eye, brain, kidneys and liver or heart.

For this reason it is important not to ignore early ‘signs of being diabetic’. You must be aware of diabetes risk factors and see if you fit any risk criteria of diabetes.

Diabetes early symptoms may not be same in all persons. Diabetes symptoms women show may be different than men.

But it is possible to generalise the diabetes early symptoms so that you can take a step towards a formal diagnosis of the condition.

Examples of Signs of being Diabetic

The common signs of diabetes include

  • slow healing sores or cuts
  • feeling excessively thirsty
  • excessive urination

As a result of these,

  • Some people feel dry mouth and increased hunger.
  • Some people may see an unexplained weight loss while some can see a weight gain for no reason.
  • Frequent urine infections and frequent yeast infections are also common diabetes signs.
  • Most people with diabetes also feel weak and tired most of the time.  
  • Some people feel itchy on the skin while some feel frequent headaches and blurred vision.
  • Some diabetics find that their skin shows velvety dark color in some parts. This see this especially in private parts like groins, armpit or neck.
  • If you are feeling numbness or tingling of the hands and feet, that is one of the signs of being diabetic.
  • In extreme cases people also feel impotence and erectile dysfunction

It is helpful If you can prevent diabetes by understanding How is Diabetes caused.

Speak to your Doctor

When you see any of the signs of being diabetic in you, it is very important to take a step to investigate.

The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about your diabetic signs.

Your doctor is the right person to diagnose further and advise you on your condition.

Understanding What causes Diabetes is also important to protect yourself from diabetes. A doctor can help you to understand diabetes causes.

Diabetes in Children

If you have children, it is important that you look for diabetes in children symptoms. This helps you to investigate and find out if they are diabetic.

Diabetes in children symptoms can be more difficult to identify than in adults.

You can use a diabetes symptom checker for children to understand the same.

Signs of diabetes in toddlers generally go unnoticed. This may sometimes put the health of the toddler at risk.

To avoid such risk, you must take immediate action if you see any signs of diabetes in toddlers.

Diabetes symptoms in Women

Sometimes the diabetes symptoms women show may be little different than those men show. Some diabetes symptoms women experience are specific to women.

You may want to use a diabetes symptom checker for women to check if you have any such symptoms.

You can also find out What causes Diabetes and try to be careful with known causes of diabetes.

Does lack of Insulin cause diabetes?

It is interesting How is Diabetes caused?. You get Diabetes when your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin to maintain healthy sugar levels in your blood.

Sometimes pancreas produces insulin but your body cannot use such insulin. When this happens you may get diabetes.

Summary | Signs of being Diabetic

As discussed above, the signs of being diabetic are very important and one cannot ignore these.

If you take your signs of being diabetic seriously and get the medical advice in time, you can protect your health.

Signs of being diabetic can depend on age, gender and ethnic background in some cases.

Whatever signs of being diabetic appear as warnings, one must take them seriously and report to a doctor.

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Have I got Diabetes?

Have I got Diabetes?

Have I got Diabetes? How is Diabetes caused? Is that the question that bothers you? Well you are very clever to ask yourself if you have got diabetes.

Have I got Diabetes?
Have I got Diabetes?

Many people do not realise they have got diabetes until their diabetes has seriously impacted their vital parts. If you know how diabetes is caused, you can save yourself from failure of vital organs.

It is a good thing that you ask yourself have I got diabetes so you can get yourself checked and have peace of mind.

The best person that can clarify if you got diabetes is our doctor.

Doctors listen to all your symptoms and concerns, they then do some tests on you and decide whether you are a diabetic or not.

For this to happen, you must see a doctor as soon as you notice any diabetes symptoms.

However before you see a doctor and ask have I got diabetes, you can check if you have a signs of being diabetic using a diabetes symptom checker.

Signs of being Diabetic

Common signs of being diabetic are having High Blood Sugar, excessive thirst and passing urine too often.

One of the most common Diabetes Symptoms is that you may be feeling weak and tired all the time. Some

people experience blurred vision and headaches.

Some see unexplained changes in body weight. You may gain weight or lose weight for no reason.

It is very wise to question yourself if you have diabetes when you see any signs of diabetes in you.

Some of these signs may be due to totally different reasons than diabetes but it is always good to get yourself checked.

Diagnosis of Diabetes

When you see doctors and ask have I got diabetes, they would normally check if you have High Blood Sugar and any other diabetic symptoms.

Then they may check your family history and assess your risk of being a diabetic.

If your parents or siblings have diabetes then it is likely that you get diabetes too. In some cases even if your other close relatives are diabetic, you may get it too.

This does not mean diabetes is contagious.

Researches suggest Diabetes is hereditary and is in the genes.

Once the doctor understands your history they may ask you to take some urine tests and blood tests for diabetes.

From your Diabetes Symptoms and your tests, a doctor can be diagnose and tell you if you are a diabetic. Doctors know How is Diabetes caused.

When you see any diabetes symptoms you must ask yourself a question – have i got diabetes?

Asking yourself the question have I got diabetes is the first step in protecting yourself from diabetes complications.

You can then check your symptoms and see a doctor for a diagnosis.

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How to get tested for Diabetes?

How to get tested for Diabetes?

How to get tested for Diabetes is a good thing to know. It is important to know how to get tested for diabetes as that is the only way you can find out if you are diabetic.

When you have some symptoms and signs of diabetes it is important to check your blood sugar levels. You must know as soon as possible if you are diabetic so that you can protect yourself from further damage to health.

If you delay in diabetes diagnosis, your vital organs may be in trouble. So when you see any signs of diabetes you must see a doctor. How to get tested for Diabetes

Common diabetes symptoms include

  • excess thirst
  • too much urine
  • unusual hunger
  • weight loss or weight gain for no reason etc.

When you find any such signs, you must see a doctor and go for diabetes tests. The first step would be to ask your doctor to test you for diabetes.

You must also try to understand What causes Diabetes.

Diabetes is easy to manage if you understand what causes diabetes.

There are many reasons for diabetes, The top reasons are

  • over weight
  • family history
  •  lack of exercise

What happens at a diabetes consultation?

If you want diabetes diagnosis, you may seek an appointment with your doctor or a pharmacist. They can help you with  diabetes diagnosis.

When you arrive for your diabetes test, you normally see a medical professional in a private consultation.

They will collect detail about you including your age, height, weight and waist. Your doctor will ask you a few questions about the daily routine and your diet.

This helps them get an idea about your life style.

They may also take a reading of your blood pressure.

They will want to know if you ever had a high blood sugar level or if any of your close relative has diabetes.

The above factors determine your risk level for diabetes.

Once they determine your risk level for diabetes, you may seek a doctor’s advice for reducing your risk level.

If they want to test your blood, they will collect a blood sample by pricking your finger. They measure your blood sugar level at that time.

Based on the results from these, they will decide if you need further tests to determine if you are diabetic.

What tests to do for diabetes?

Generally the next level of test includes a fasting blood glucose test, and additional blood sugar measurements. A High Blood Sugar means you may be a diabetic.

Sometimes doctors recommend a urine test and a  HBA1C test also.

Glucose Tolerance Test is another great test to diagnose diabetes.

A Glucose Tolerance Test measures how well your body can breakdown sugar and deal with it. You can also try and understand How you get Diabetes so that you can protect yourself from diabetes complications.

Most importantly, you must clearly understand how to get tested for diabetes.

This will help you in many ways. Once you know this, you can go ahead with your diabetes tests.

If you need more information on diabetes tests, you may see your doctor. Doctor can help with the suitable diabetes tests.

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Signs you have Diabetes

Signs you have Diabetes

Signs you have Diabetes are very important to note and act upon. They help you to get checked by a doctor.  If your diabetic risk factors are high, you may get diabetes.

When you see any signs you have diabetes, the first thing you must do is contact your doctor. Your doctor can do some tests on you and decide whether you are diabetic.

If you ignore signs you have diabetes, you may be risking your overall health.

Some people ignore signs of being diabetic and do nothing about them. They realise they have diabetes only after diabetes damages some vital parts. This happens when people pay no attention to diabetic symptoms.

Signs you have Diabetes
Signs you have Diabetes

If you take action early when you see ‘signs you have diabetes’, you will save yourself lot of trouble.

You must ask yourself have I got diabetes,  and get treatment for diabetes.

When they see diabetes symptoms women are  generally more reluctant than men to go for a checkup.

You may also want to find out how do people get diabetes.

How is Diabetes caused? is another subject you may want to understand.

Do you have diabetes?

Signs of diabetes include

  • having High Blood Sugar
  • feeling thirsty excessively
  • passing too much urine
  • losing weight or gaining weight for no apparent reason
  • You may also feel hungry right after finishing your meal
  • You may also feel very tired, weak etc.
  • Body fatigue is a common sign of diabetes
  • Some people have blurred vision and headache for no reason
  • If you are having a dry mouth for no reason, that’s another sign of diabetes

Other signs you have diabetes include feeling shaky, moody or grumpy.

Another typical sign of diabetes is that your simple cuts and bruises do not heal as quickly.

You may feel tingling and prick in your fingers or toes.

Some people get frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections.

With diabetes symptoms women show some symptoms that are specific to their gender.

You may use a diabetes symptom checker to check for all diabetic symptoms. Comparing any signs you have diabetes with common diabetes symptoms is a good way to start the diagnosis of diabetes.

How to get tested for Diabetes?

When you see any of such symptoms in you and start wondering have I got diabetes, you may want to take some diabetes tests to know if you are diabetic.

This involves some study of your life style, your family history, blood tests and urine tests.

A blood test gives an indication of blood sugar level in your blood. If you have High Blood Sugar, you may be diabetic.

Your family history also plays an important role. If you have a close relative who is a diabetic, your risk of being diabetic is high.

You may also use a diabetes symptom checker and discuss how do people get diabetes with your doctor. A doctor can explain How is Diabetes caused? along with signs you have diabetes.

Signs of diabetes
Signs of diabetes

All signs you have diabetes are a good way that you get an opportunity to protect your health.

Instead of being in denial, you must pay attention to any signs you have diabetes.

You must compare all signs you have with diabetes symptom checker. This will help you understand your health better.

If signs you have diabetes are true, you would need help from a doctor.

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How do You get Type 2 Diabetes?

How do You get Type 2 Diabetes?

How do You get Type 2 Diabetes? Well there could be many ways you can get type 2 diabetes.

How do You get Type 2 Diabetes
How do You get Type 2 Diabetes

Many people believe diabetes is in genes. This means if your family members have a history of diabetes, then it is highly likely that you will also get diabetes.

That is just one way you may get type 2 diabetes.

You may get diabetes even if none of your parents or grandparents or close relatives had diabetes.

So if there is someone in your close family with diabetes, then you are at a high risk of getting diabetes. But, you may get diabetes even when none of your close relatives are diabetic.

This works the other way too. You may not get diabetes even when some of your close relatives have had diabetes.

These research findings only work as a guide and not as a rule.

Overall ‘how do you get type 2 diabetes’ is a very complicated subject.

Knowing What is Diabetes and how do you get type 2 diabetes is very important to lead a healthy life.

Life Style

Another reason for getting diabetes may be life style. Life style means the way you lead your life including how much physical work you do and what and how much you eat.

So, How is Diabetes caused? People who lead less active lives are at higher risk of diabetes. Life style is a major factor among What causes Diabetes.

Also those who over eat would gain weight and can be possibly be more liable to get diabetes.

Diet & Exercise

How is Diabetes caused? Lack of exercise and over-eating.

So to avoid the risk of getting diabetes type 2, you must lead a physically active life style.

You must get regular and rigorous exercise as per doctor’s advice.

You must also be watchful of what you eat and how much.

It is better to avoid foods high in fat, salt, sugar etc.

You must understand in detail What is Diabetes and must also watch the portion sizes of what you eat too.

How do you get type 2 diabetes is a vey important thing to know as it helps to protect yourself from diabetes complications.

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Diabetes early Symptoms

Diabetes early Symptoms

Diabetes early Symptoms are very helpful to diagnose diabetes early. You can deal with diabetes better if you understand Diabetes early Symptoms. Diabetes early Symptoms

If you understand early signs of diabetes you will also find it easier to deal with diabetes complications and better protect yourself.

It is important that you discuss with your doctor as soon as you see Diabetes early Symptoms.

Your doctor can examine your case by studying your life style. He may also perform some blood tests or urine tests on you. Based on your family history, life style and results of blood tests and urine tests the doctors can decide if you are diabetic.

All this is possible only if you mention your ‘Diabetes early Symptoms’ to your doctor.

Excessive Thirst

You may feel excessively thirsty and a dry mouth for no reason if you are diabetic.

Excessive urination is also one of the symptoms of diabetes.


If you have diabetes, you may feel very weak, tired and dis-interested all the time.

You may find it difficult to understand why you feel so. Weakness that cannot be explained is one of the common Diabetes Symptoms.

Injuries that do not heal

In case you have small injury and bleed, you may find it takes long time than usual to heal the injury.

Sores that do not heal easily or injuries that bleed longer are common diabetes symptoms. These cannot be ignored.

Unexplained Headache

You may feel unexplained headaches. This may impact you routine activities as you feel tired, painful and cannot focus.

If you can ask your doctor How diabetes is caused and take some precautions it helps you prevent any serious damage to your body.

Urinary Infections

You may notice frequent urinary tract infections or yeast infections. These may be quite confusing.

Unless you think of diabetes, you may find it hard to understand why you are having these infections. They do not heal so easily.

You may ask your doctor What causes Diabetes and take proper care to stay clear of such causes.


You may have a thrush or itching in the genital area. This may be very embarrassing as you may feel itchy while you are in public places too.

Understanding How is Diabetes caused is the first step in preventing further damages due to diabetes.

Poor Vision

You may start to notice changes in your vision.

Sometimes You may notice that items in front of you begin to appear blurry. You may not be able to see things clearly.

This may be very uncomfortable for you as you suddenly feel much difficult to lead a smooth routine life.

Unexplained Weight changes

You may notice a sudden loss of weight or sudden weight gain.

If you are unable to see any reason why you are losing or gaining weight, think of diabetes.

You may ask your doctor to give you a diabetes test. Understanding What causes Diabetes is a good place to start in diabetes care.

When you see any of the above diabetes early symptoms, it is important that you take them seriously and see a good doctor to discuss the same.

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How do People get Diabetes?

How do People get Diabetes?

How do People get DiabetesHow do People get Diabetes is a question that has puzzled experts for a long time. There have been many research programs carried out across the world over time to find out How do People get Diabetes.

These researches have found that there are more than few reasons How People get Diabetes.

The reasons range from poor life style, genetic reasons, obesity to reasons beyond our control.

One thing that all these researches on ‘how do people get diabetes’ establish is that by having a healthy life style i.e. eating healthy food in reasonable quantities and exercising regularly people can protect themselves from diabetes complications.

Understanding How is Diabetes caused? helps one to prevent any diabetes complications.


But How do People get Diabetes and what happens inside the body due to diabetes.

Pancreas produces insulin. Insulin is responsible to maintain normal blood sugar levels in the body.

It does this job by regulating the amount of blood sugar in the body. This goes well as long as everything is normal.

But when pancreas cannot produce insulin or the body cannot use the insulin that pancreas has produced, you get diabetes.

When one of these things happens, your body fails to regulate blood sugar levels and this leads to diabetes. So the most common sign of diabetes is high blood sugar levels.

Life Style

How is Diabetes caused? What causes Diabetes? And why pancreas cannot produce insulin or why the body cannot use insulin.

These are the points that you need to look into How do People get Diabetes and What causes Diabetes.

The reasons could be one or many. Popular belief is that genetic reasons or poor life style choices lead to diabetes.

Genetic means if anyone in your close family has been a diabetic, then there is a high risk that you can be diabetic too.

Poor life style choices include obesity and life without much exercise.

Understanding What is Diabetes and how do people get diabetes is very important to keep yourself safe from diabetes and diabetes complications.

When you know What is Diabetes, it helps you to compare your symptoms and check if that could be diabetes.

Knowing how do people get diabetes helps you to keep yourself safe from diabetes and diabetes complications.

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Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

Does Sugar cause DiabetesDoes Sugar cause Diabetes or any other health problems? This is something I ask myself every time I have a sweet in my hand.

I ask myself ‘Does Sugar cause Diabetes’ because I want to protect my health.

The question Does Sugar causes Diabetes is important because I believe sugar is one big item that causes lot of health problems.

Sugar can come in many forms. It can be in the sweets we eat, sauces, ice cream, chocolate, soft drinks etc.

In whatever form it reaches our diet, sugar is always harmful.

It causes few problems. It makes you sick, makes you gain weight, adversely impacts your metabolism. For diabetics, it is even worse.

So it is important to understand Does Sugar cause Diabetes.

What causes Diabetes?

It is not easy to say exactly What causes Diabetes. As researches have proved that there could be many reasons why people get diabetes, it is not possible to say that sugar itself causes diabetes.

Sugar definitely makes diabetes worse as it causes blood sugar levels to spike and increases the chances of diabetes complications.

When diabetics eat too much sugar, they have high blood sugar levels and gain weight. This in turn increases the risk of hypertension, heart attack and stroke etc.

For these reasons diabetics must always watch the sugar in their diet. They take drinks without sugar and food with less carbs.

Diabetic diet is normally rich in fiber, protein, vitamins etc.

How is Diabetes caused?

Does sugar cause diabetes or not is one side of the story. What is more striking is that Sugar causes all diabetic complications to get even worse.

Eating excessive carbs leads to accumulation of fat in the body. This also tends to narrow down blood vessels which hamper the blood flow.

This can mean certain parts of your body get less blood supply and poorer nutrition.

This may lead to organ failures and more serious problems.

So the common advice is that everyone, not just diabetics must learn to eat food that contains less sugar. This practice makes your diet more diabetic friendly and leads to fewer health problems than otherwise.

What is Diabetes | Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

Knowing What Diabetes is and How Diabetes is caused is very important. W

Then you know What Diabetes is, you have knowledge of diabetes. You can compare your symptoms with diabetic symptoms checker to see if you have diabetes.

When you know How Diabetes is caused, you can protect yourself by staying clear of diabetic causes.

It is very helpful to know if sugar cause diabetes, so that you can cut your sugar intake.

Some doctors say no matter whether sugar causes diabetes or not, it is important you cut your sugar intake.

Does sugar cause diabetes in all cases? No. Some people eat sweets all their life. Does sugar cause diabetes in all of them? May not be.

So does sugar cause diabetes? not always and not with every person.

The effect that sugar has on someone’s health or diabetes is very different. You need to check how sugar works in your case.

Summary | Does Sugar cause Diabetes?

When you find out if sugar cause diabetes, whether you think yes or no it is always safer to cut your sugar intake. Sometimes you may get contradicting answers when you ask does sugar cause diabetes.

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What causes High Blood Sugar?

What causes High Blood Sugar?

What causes High Blood SugarWhat causes High Blood Sugar in diabetics is the high sugar content in the food.

When we eat food, it gets digested and broken down into various elements like sugar, protein, fat etc.

Among these sugar is important for diabetics. This is because sugar from food enters into blood stream. This could be What causes High Blood Sugar.

Normally insulin, a protein produced by pancreas takes care of the sugar and makes sure the blood sugar levels remain in normal range.

In some cases, pancreas cannot produce insulin or the body cannot use insulin.

Then blood sugar levels are not regulated, they end up showing in the blood and this leads to high blood sugar in most diabetic patients.

This is ‘What causes High Blood Sugar’. When you know What causes High Blood Sugar, you can stay away from such causes.

Sugary Food

For such reasons diabetics must eat food that is low in sugar and high in fibre, proteins etc.

This makes the diet safer for diabetics as low levels of sugar in food can mean less chance of causing high blood sugar.

Lack of Exercise

Another tip to diabetics is to be doing regular exercise so that blood sugar levels stay in normal range.

Regular exercise improves the body metabolism. When you exercise well, your blood sugar levels get to normal.

Organ failure and diabetes

As sugar in food causes high blood sugar, it gets in way of blood circulation as it may settle on the inner walls of blood vessels.

This may lead to narrowing of blood vessels and restricted blood circulation, meaning some organs may not get enough blood supply or nutrition.

When this happens to vital organs, a serious situation of organ failure may occur and may lead to critical medical situation.


Diabetics can eat fruits that contain sugar as fruits have lot of nutrition, vitamins and fibre.

They just have to eat such fruits in moderate amounts only.

If you ask a doctor What causes High Blood Sugar they would not normally say it is fruits.

So What causes High Blood Sugar cannot be fruits.

Summary | What causes High Blood Sugar?

Despite all this, people say diabetics need not stop eating good food altogether. They can eat limited amount of food. Sweets.

The above tips are very helpful for diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels in normal range and protect their health in long term.

If diabetics fail to take precautions, health may suffer and lead to organ failures, heart attack, stroke etc.

If you eat less of What causes High Blood Sugar, you can protect yourself from such health issues.

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